Janet Yellen arrives in Beijing on a mission to find common ground for the US and China |usa4world

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen arrived in Beijing on Thursday on a four-day visit aimed at finding common ground amid fierce rivalry between the US and China.

Yellen’s visit marks a deepening softening of ties between the US and China and comes weeks after Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Beijing last month, the first high-level meeting between the two countries after months of tensions .

“Both sides are basically talking, trying to find strategic locations for both sides to operate, and that would be great for the rest of the world,” said Andrew Sheng, a distinguished fellow at the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. Said told sources on Thursday.

Yellen’s visit comes just days after China abruptly imposed export restrictions on chip-making metals and their compounds, escalating Beijing’s technology war with the US and Europe.

According to the US Treasury, before departing for China, Yellen had a “frank and meaningful discussion” with Chinese US Ambassador Xie Feng.

“While in Beijing, Secretary Yellen will discuss [People’s Republic of China] “As the world’s two largest economies, it is important for our countries to manage our relationship responsibly, communicate directly about areas of concern and work together to address global challenges,” the Treasury Department said on Sunday. be important for.”

In an April speech, Yellen stressed the importance of fairness in American economic competition with China.

They outlined three economic priorities for the US-China relationship: securing national security interests and protecting human rights, promoting mutually beneficial development, and cooperating on global challenges such as climate change and the debt crisis.

A senior administration official told reporters on Sunday that Yellen’s visit would outline these objectives.

“We don’t want to tear apart our economies,” the official said. “A complete cessation of trade and investment would be destabilizing for both our countries and the global economy.”

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